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August 2012


Fraud Repercussions

If you are not budgeting for supply chain fraud detection and reduction, then you should be allocating money for the repurcussions of supply chain fraud.  Stopping the "bad" - whether that is data or goods - from entering your enterprise at the earliest point of detection is one of the best ways to mitigate the effects of fraud before it ripples through your supply chain and manifests itself into something worse.  

þ   Manufacturing Downtime

þ   Machinery Flush / Clean / Repair 

þ   Sourcing Replacement Suppliers

þ   Customer Credits

þ   Consumer Lawsuits

þ   Delayed New Products To Market 

þ   Delayed (Pre-Paid) Advertising Campaigns

þ   Damage-Control Advertising Costs

þ   Vendor Compliance Chargebacks

þ   Product Recall Costs  

þ   Product Rework / Destruction Costs 

þ   Loss Of Brand Trust

þ   Loss Of Market Share To Competition

þ   Regulatory Investigations & Audits



The repercussions of supply chain fraud can result in a complete shutdown of business operations.
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