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August 2012


Supply Chain Defined

As I define in my book and showcase in my presentation, in the inbound and outbound supply chains there are more activities that are internally originated rather than externally generated.  What this means is that the supply chain's systems and operations are more under the enterprise's control than they are not.  Therefore the ability to detect and reduce fraud are more within the enterprise's capabilities than not. 
The realization that the overall activities of the supply chain are actually within the enterprise's control is an important first step in understanding the scope of fraud detection and reduction.  
It is the gaps between the supply chain links - where fraud is able to occur and fester - that must be closed.  These gaps are both systematic and operational in nature.  Enterprises can use their supply chain systems and the transactions output to audit throughout the supply chain for anomolies that are signals of supply chain fraud.


Supply chain fraud can happen locally or globally, perpetrated by persons internally or externally.  But with the proper steps taken it can be less of a gamble.
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